It was a couple weeks ago but i saw this black epiphone LP studio with a floyd rose and epi active pickups. It was black and it kinda had the paint distressed kinda like the esp truckster has only around the knobs. It played decent and looked cool but i have found it NOWHERE on the internet.........any ideas what the heck this thing is?
wasnt a prophecy or a goth I remember that (unless your sure cuz it didnt have goth logos), I'm thinkin it might've been modded but it was like cheap though....
yeah i know about that one, my best guess someone just customized it...for an epi studio it was pretty bitchin, i would've put some SD blackouts or emgs in it instead of epi actives but that just me...somethings telling me it didnt have dots either, i *think* it had trapezoid inlays but w/e
Actually. Epiphone made a limited edition LP studio with a Floyd Rose on it. Not sure if it had actives in it or not. I just remember seeing it in one of the catalouges a while back.
Yes, an Epi LP Studio with a Floyd is nothing new.

What's odd though is you say it had the EpiActive pickups in it. Those are currently only offered on one model of guitar and being quite unlike other active or passive pickups, they're not the sort of thing you could easily take out and fit into another guitar.
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ya, its just the mods to the guitar are throwing me for a loop figuring out what it is, its been like 2 months since i've seen it, hopefully its still at that shop so i can play it again.

maybe buy it (it was cheap enough, around 400-500)
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