I was recently at Guitar Center(you'd know from my last thread)looking for a good pop-punk guitar.I tried Teles and Strats and was impressed with one Tele, but it was out of my price range.
Then I just happen to stumble across the Epiphone Dot Deluxe($400) and I loved playing it.
But, I didn't have time to try the Dot($400).
So, my question is, is there any difference between the two, other than looks, because I liked the way the Dot looked more.
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I dunno, but I'd go for the deluxe, if they're both 400. Plus you like it, and the Dot is supposed to be a cheaper model anyway, so you may as well go for the deluxe.

Sorry if that didn't help much, but you liked liked you needed a post, and I hate making threads and not getting any posts
As I recall, the Dot Deluxe is just a Dot but with Epi's infamously cheap gold hardware stuck on it and a flame maple veneer. So you're paying more just for the looks. (edit: okay, didn't see they were the same price. Well, there you go anyway)
It's also not been made for quite a few years, which is both good and bad; on the one hand the older Epis were made in Korea, rather than the new Chinese factory, and the older Korean models tended to be a bit better. On the other hand, it means that guitar's probably been sat there on the shelf for a few years getting played to death and if nobody's bought it buy now, that makes me suspicious.
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