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I've noticed that a lot of people on here seem to have one thing that they're more confident about than anything else. Some can sweep like crazy, some know lots of different modes, some have awesome pinch harmonics. So what are your best and worst abilities?

Personally, I feel like my alternate/tremolo picking technique is pretty damn good, and my sweeping, if you can call it that, is terrible.
....... i have no skills.

Maybe... being better than most of my friends? Being the only one in town who can play "Snow"?

That or dominating improv.
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My alt picking is godly. My left hand accuracy is decent at best.
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I'm pretty good at alternate picking, and I personally think my vibrato is great. I'm getting good at string skipping, but I'm not good at sweeping... I manage. I'm proud of my pull offs/hammer ons/legato as well...

One thing I still can't do, is to shred (pick every note at high speed, sort of).
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I would say my best techniques on the guitar are vibrato, bends, and legato.
I can also do pinch harmonics with ease.

My alt picking is pretty good, still could use improvement though.

I can sweep pretty well, have to slow down a little for the 5 and 6 string sweeps though.
pinches- 6.5/10
sweeps- 5/10
string skip- 7/10
legato(hammer ons/pull-offs/trills)- 7.5/10
shred- 4.5/10
vibrato/bends- 8/10
tremelo/alternate picking- 7.5/10
economy picking- 6.5/10
hybrid picking- 2/10 (lol)
finger picking- 0.5/10 (lmao)
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I'm good with all different kinds of harmonics - which is why I use them so much in my instrumentals.
i dont need these skills to sweep or stuff, bending, hammer ons and pull offs have always been what i mainly do. (im good at pinchies though)
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My pinches are great.

My trem picking is great.

My sweeps...we're talking about sweeping floors, right? So long as it's not sweeping on guitar, I'm good.
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being able to solo over most Buckethead songs and make it sounds alright since i know the mode he uses, but still it sounds poo coz i cant do crazy fast stuff
i'm the only person in my town who can 8 finger tap (again Buckethead) but that still sounds poo
i suck quite a bit
My rythym is good.
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sweeping/legato... my bread and butter.
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Oops, forgot about bends. And on good days I'm good at vibrato (classical vibrato, not rock/blues vibrato - even though that's actually much easier for me).
Double Thumb Pluck on bass would be my worst, but I'm working on that

4 Finger plucking on bass would be my best. Tremelo if you will.
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I can pick really, really, really fast. Lol.
But, the thing is, my fretting hard is WAY behind.
My rhythms are excellent.

Other than picking, my hammering-on is pretty good. I'm terrible at pulling-off.
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I'm pretty good at chord changes, can do them nice and fast... That's about it!
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I'm pretty @ improvising acoustic stuff (switching from fingerpicking, to some chords.. then improv a solo,etc.)
but I suck at shredding!

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I'm best at legato, alternate picking and improvisation.
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Bottleneck slide, Vibrato, Delta-Style Bassnote lines, Alternate picking, pulloffs/hammerons. I can't do pinches(nor do I feel I need to)

Alot of people say I'm good, but my technicality is ametur at best.
im really good at doing sweeps and pinch harmonics. but i suck at soloing
Classical Guitarist
Playing melodies without thinking. Never had problems with pinchies
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Eco Picking. I could do it i the first few days of playing guitar, and it felt natural.
Horrible at barre chords though.
On guitar...not so much. I'm good at downpicking fast, palm muting, and vibrato (although I do it like violin/viola/cello vibrato, not guitar vibrato). That's about it.

On bass, I can jam real easily (I can get a bassline going right away without hearing what the guitarist is playing first) and pluck really fast.
pinches- 6/10
sweeps- 9/10
string skip- 7.5/10
legato(hammer ons/pull-offs/trills)- 7/10
shred- 7/10
vibrato/bends- 5.5/10 (need to work on that)
tremelo/alternate picking- 7.5/10
economy picking- 9/10
hybrid picking- 5/10
finger picking- 3.5/10 (>.<
tapping- 8/10

sorry for stealing your idea random hero >.<
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Tapping, Legato, Improv, shred and Alt/tremolo picking are my strong points.
My weak points is sweeps as I'm horrible at them,
Things that I suck at:
- Sweep Picking
- Other shredding stuff

Things that I don't suck at:
- Tapping
- Acoustic Impro. (I put them in use with some chicks lol jk)
- Good vibrato, well a little more than good all my friends say.
- Chording & Power Chording
- Some harmonics, not all.
- Fast hands and picking ( I know i've said i'm bad at shredding, and it's true, coz at fast speed i get off sync.)
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To be honest, I've played a little under a year (11 months and counting).

I can alternate pick about 9 notes per second. I can sweep about that fast, but I've only started learning to sweep about 3 weeks ago. I guess my best technique is my tapping - with 5 fingers, I've done some pretty neat stuff.
Im really good at improv, i never play a solo note by note. And i dont get why everyone has trouble with pinch harmonics, it took me like five minutes to learn them and have like 90% success rate.
Nothing I like to play requires any kind of real shred skill or sweeping, so I suck at those. I'm pretty good at bending and have a 'feel' for theory, doesn't necessarily mean I'm a great improv, but I grasp intervals at that kinda stuff pretty quick.
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Eco Picking. I could do it i the first few days of playing guitar, and it felt natural.
Horrible at barre chords though.

I just learned about eco picking after 3 years of playing, but i just figured out that i had always done economy picking naturally even tho i nevr learned it
Fast Alternate picking and economy picking. I really wanna learn how to sweep well and incorperate tapping into it, thats my favorite but I dont do it well..
I don't want to be an ass, but i play best of all my friends? And some played longer then me.
My left hand technique is my best talent. I'm a lefty playing righthanded, so it came quite naturally, yet my right hand is not near as good. I'm really good with chords and strumming patterns and singing along. I can't improvise or perform any kind of shred licks to save my life though.
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