Hey guys,

We posted a new single off our upcoming EP (due this September). It's called Better Late Than Never, and we also put up a remaster of our first single, Ready Set Go!

Check it out here: www.myspace.com/sidewalkrock

Hope you like them

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nice man, proper feelgood ska! one of the more professional sounding bands i've heard off here ( i think good production helps but the songwriting is real good )

Better Late Than Never: i've always had a bit of a thing for horn sections so this track is very much appreciated! Vocals sound proper good, espescially the harmonies in the verses! very much enjoying the wah and slapback on the solo as well! as much as i like this track- 5:05 is very long for a single-just something to bear in mind!

Ready Set GO: Catchy chorus, 3 minutes long, surely this should be the single your pushing!

one thing that strikes me as interesting is your tour dates- it looks like your playing absolutely loads of shows in Charlottetown (4 gigs in 3 days in 1 town?!) I don't know how good the music scene is where you live but we try to avoid playing more than a show a month in the same town just cause otherwise people get the feeling they can sort of get you on tap and the turnout seems to start suffering- but if your having fun and having a party that's the main thing i guess!

I can't remember who the vocals remind me of- it might be fall out boy or something (when you look at the record sales that can only be a good thing!)

xx matt

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Thanks guys!

Yeah, it is a bit long, but we just love that song so much we wanted to share that one first before we put out the EP haha.

And yeah, we're starting to wear out Charlottetown. Although at the same time our turnout has never been better. We wound up booking a lot of shows with bigger PEI bands, basically, with fans who would likely never come to a ska show so we're hoping to nail them down at those gigs. Once the CD is launched, we're disappearing for a couple months to tour the maritimes and Ont./Quebec.

Right now we're just concerned with playing as much as we can to build hype for the album and make some coin to hit the road

And thanks for the vocal compliment. Let me know if you figure out who it is you're thinking of.