Hey im checkin out the Orange Crush 35B...I need a good practice amp that I can just put in my car and take to work....this one seems sweet...but I cant find any reviews on it......what do you guys think? Or do you know of any better ones in the $300usd range....I care more about sound quality than volume.....I dont need one with effects either...
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I have a 20B because they are the best practice amps around, you should get it, and its loud as **** and has great quality
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Its small and light, very loud compared to it's competitors and orange always has very clean tones. I'd definately roccomend it. Sometimes orange does have a few dud amps though.
I bought the 35b a year ago as my first bass amp, I had been using a guitar amp for 6 months or so and IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the amp. I thought it was just an inexperienced love of my first real amp, but as I've been jamming with other musicians they have all commented on

1. how great the amp sounds,
2. how great it looks, and
3. how it can keep up in a band situation.

My guitar buddies are running more powerful amps with the volume turned up pretty high and I almost never leave 2 or 3 with the guitars. With drums I go up to 4 or 5 depending on where we are playing etc. but yeah, its definitely a great amp.