Ok so my setup is as follows i have a 95 Fender Strat Plus with lace sensor pickups in great nick got it for 750 euro second hand with a MG Series Marshall 100W Amp, footswitch and cybaby wah wah. I'm looking to start my own pedal board. I want pedals that give a nice clean sound but also have some overdrive ones to rip it up! I can spend up to 1700 euro on equipment.

I'm wondering how do you go about it as in what are the best ones out at the moment and what types of leads do you use to connect each one of the pedals? I'm pretty much a blues player and have heard great things about the TS808 and Way Huge Aqua Puss pedals but also want to be able to have a nice clean reverb sound too similar to players like John mayer and Jonny Lang.

I've also heard a lot about the two rock amp and its great sound can that be used in combination with my marshall amp? Thanks!
Unfortunately, adding a TS808 - or any pedal for that matter - to a Marshall MG won't give you very nice tones. The principle behind the MG series is that pedals won't be necessary. Thus they are built ignoring the possibility that people will want to set up a pedal board in conjuction with the amp.
With €1700, you could get a lovely valve amp and a great list of pedals.
It's just an option.
Buy a Two Rock...

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I'd recommend that you get rid of that MG first, you can probably get a few hundred Euros for it.

Then get yourself a nice Fender Twin Reverb, it's a great amp for clean/bluesy stuff. And that would still leave you with a handsome amount to spend on some good overdrive pedals.
You'll definitely want to go with a nicer amp first. You can buy as many top-notch pedals as you want, but if you play them through a solid-state practice amp, they'll sound like garbage. Look at the Orange Tiny Terror (I hear they have a new version out too? the Dual Terror or something...), the Vox Night Train, the entire Bugera line-up, some of the cheaper Egnator amps, or the Peavey Valveking series. These are all budget-friendly tube amps, and leave you room to build a pedal board if you really want to go that route. However, with the money you have, you could feasibly buy a much nicer amp that will cover your overdrive and clean needs, without you having to purchase any pedals.
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+1 on the new amp.

Tubes or go home for the sound you're after.

Fender's line-up of Deluxes/Devilles will get you there cheaply, and they're great amps to boot.


I REALLY don't think you'll need one of these until you've kind of settled on your sound...

You realize they're about $6k US, right?
1700 euros will buy you a beautiful amp to start playing blues stuff. Mayer and Johnny Lang don't use many pedals anyway so you'll be fine.

I vouch for a fender twin or one of the hot rods. You'll get a nice bluesy overdrive with one of those aswell.