I posted this in another thread, but I guess I might get more replies in my own I've been told...

I'm looking at buying one a Crate V33-212 from a guy who got it new (as a gift) but is a bass player so he can't use it.

I went to look at it and was immediately concerned because when it got turned on, not instantly but after a few seconds, there was a faint crackly, fuzzy sound that came out of the speakers that built up to somewhat of an intolerable level. This was with the volume/levels at 0 too, even with no instrument plugged into the amp at all. Has anyone else had this problem with it? Is it just because it hasn't been used much and the tubes maybe aren't broken in?? (I'm new to tube amps too btw, so I don't know much about their behaviour)

I'd really like to have the amp, but I don't want to sink my money into a noisey boat-anchor. Perhaps it could be as simple as swapping out the preamp tubes?

I offered $360 (Cdn) for it, but maybe I should come down significantly and try to remedy the problem?

I look forward to some info/advice from anyone who has it.

I'm not sure about the conversion but those should be under $200 US... So that sounds a bit high. I would either try to talk him down a good bit, since it may have an issue, or have him get it checked out prior to you buying it. Hums and static are very bad signs for amps. It could just be a microphonic preamp tube, but as you said you don't want to waste your money... Tough call, but I definitely would not pay that.
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Like I said, tell him to fix it/get it looked at by a tech before you buy it, or go get one from someone else. There aren't a shortage of these out there, despite the fact they're discontinued
I bought one for 300CAD new, so you should haggle him down to like 200.
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Ya I couldn't find any other pricing online as they've all been discontinued lol. But ya I'm glad I didn't pay for it. I'm thinking I'll offer 300 if it is fixed by a tech, or 200 if it isn't (even then I'll have to think about it and get some more information).