the cymbals seem a bit overpowering, and it is very short lol, but pretty good overall
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I forgot to say it's just a chorus.
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I would suggest playing something other then just eighth notes, but yes, tone down the cymbals just a bit.
hm i'm not an expert, but besides the fact that it already sounds quite professional i'd say try to bring the guitar a little bit to the background by reducing either the mids or the bass frequencys plus general guit level. also try to add some more "kick" to the bass drum and as nnjrik said the cymbals are a bit to bright and loud. if you reduce the guitar you could on the other side try to make the bass guitar a little bit more prominent.

anyway, great one!
The cymbals are definitely overpowering. Where are your mics in relation to the drumset? Or are you using a drum program? If your using the program, just lower the cymbal's volume a tad, however, if your micing, try moving them a bit farther away/higher in relation to the drumset, as well as messing with the volume of each track in your DAW (if you're using one, I'm kind of assuming some things here). Also, the vocal track could go for a little more compression, and a little boost in the volume. But other than that, you appear to have a very clean recording!
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