Yeah I know speed doesn't define your musical ability, but it's a necessity to playing certain things. I've been playing for 3 years and I can play a 2 octave major scale steady at 120bpm. Is that too slow, average or good for the amount of time I've been playing?
dude seriously it doesnt matter, people get so caught up in speed, its lame, as you play more your speed will increase to fit what you need, dont determine your style on speed, determine your speed on your style
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It depends on how much time you actually practiced those three years and if the scale is in quarters, eights or sixteenths. I can't really offer advice until I know more than just the tempo and if you mean a straight up major scale or the pentatonic major.
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Oops, i forgot to say 16th notes. But I don't mean for speed to determine my style, I just look at it as versatility.