My Band and I recorded the first song we've written with some recording equipment I bought. My band is really just two people, me and my drummer. I recorded two guitars and a bass line. My drummer did the drums and the vocals, they aren't perfect because like i said, he's a drummer, not a vocalist. The genre i guess would be metal, tell me what you think.

its my only mp3 on my profile.
i've listened through the track a couple of times- overall i think its got the foundations of a pretty good track- with the vocals it sounds like you might've used some distortion on them (maybe they were too quiet) i'd strongly advise using compression to even out the volume as it won't sound so crunchy then! the drumming in the track follows the riffs quite well- it might be an idea for him to do some double time (e.g playing twice as fast) at some point to pick up the pace a bit. The guitar work goes very well with the drumming- my only criticism here would be that a lot of the riffs seem to have a break at the end- like d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-rest-rest - it might be an idea to try and vary up where you have the breaks a bit more so the track feels less predictable.

overall a great start to a track that just needs a little polishing here and there- reminds me quite a lot of eden maine or the pax cecilia's heavier stuff.

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um the track was pretty nice dude....just like you pointed out the screaming deff wasnt Austin Carlilie. Or the guy from As I Lay Dying. And it seemed off from the music, but the guitar and drumming in my opinion were pretty good.,..... and to maybe classify music.....Post-Hardcore?
i would suggest going in a different direction with the vocals, instrumentals = good.
vocals = ear killers
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