Hey everyone, my band will be making it's first club debut tomorrow. We have been together for about a year and a half played about 10 parties/house shows and have gotten some warm receptions. Well we have a solidified lineup and we are gonna give everything we got for 25minutes, We are playing 5 songs and there are 4 bands on the bill we go on second and we are bringing down about 25-30 people . Doors open at 4:30 so I was thinking about getting there at 4. I wanted to know if I should say anything to the soundman/lighting guy and what are some good tips to promote yourself to fans of the other bands. The show is expecting anywhere from 50-80 people. Thanks
Near the end of your set you should really mention a band site, myspace or whatever you have.
If you have any definitive ideas talk to the lights/sounds guys but just be as nice to them as possible, especially the sound guy
What are you playing
What are the other bands like
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get there before 4, get there really early for soundcheck, rehersals etc
also, make sure you mention any sites you hgave, upcoming eps, albums, tours etc
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Thanks alot guys really appreciate the input and advice. Were gonna be good to the sound guy just introduce ourselves ask how hes doin and that will be it. We have good equipment and ****. We have a myspace and have some business cards to hand out with our picture and link. The bands we are playing with are diverse. We are a Rap-Metal/punk band(think Body Count with hint of suicidal tendencies I guess) and the other bands are a Ska band, Pop-Punk/emo band and a Metalcoreish band. It will be intresting for sure but I just wanna have a good time.
It should be noted that it's acceptable to ask the soundman to turn the foldback up a little during your set. The level of the foldback obviously can't be known to him, and different bands like it at different levels.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.