As a bored high school junior, I was thinking about going to some concerts before school starts in September. (Mostly) disappointed by the Warped Tour lineup, I perused my iTunes library for some bands I thought would put on a good show. Since iTunes conveniently lists bands alphabetically, As Cities Burn was one of the first bands' tour dates I searched for. For as long as I can remember, the band has had a modest Myspace page free from graphics and tacky self promotion. However, nothing I had ever seen one their page was as modest as their new "About Me" section.

As Cities Burn has broken up. We are happily moving on after 6 good years. Our lives and our wives have called us in different directions. Thanks to anyone who has come out to a show, had words to say, or bought a cd to help us fill the tank.

I was actually shocked. They had already moved on from their original vocalist's departure and replaced three other members. Their new album made the new lineup seem really solid, and their latest playing style seemed like it fit better than their hardcore and experimental sounds.

I never got to see the band live, but I think that they would have impressed me (proof: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMBmfhmHj4s). They only released three albums, each very different from the others. Their career, although short, is full to me. I tip my hat to you, As Cities Burn, you're forever an inspiration to me.
An amazing band. Didnt really like the new album. But they can convey emotion through songs so well. Such as 'The Widow'. very dissapointed i never got to see them live.