So i've been playing for about 3 months now and i'm trying to get the fade to black intro solo i can play the part up to 15th fret but i'm having trouble holding down the notes for the fast part because i cant seem to get the hang of the small spacings

Any tips? do you need a different sort of hand position?
I know exactly what your talking about. It just takes practice adjusting to the smaller frets. Are you talking about the 3 string arpeggio?
learn the instrumental solo part in master of puppets at 3mins 54 to get you used to high frets cos that part is really easy and it will help you practice the high frets
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yeah just keep practicing them especially at slower speeds and preferably with a metroname then you just keep building tempo up until you have it at the right tempo.
you have an ibanez, so i can see that fret acessibillity isn't a problem for you. After 3 months, and propably very little experience with playing that high up, it's natural to struggle. What you should do is to play around with some scales up there to know how to fret each note up there. It's , again, just a question of getting used to it.
Dunno what a arpeggio is :P

But the fast part on the bottom 3 strings, when i change strings i seem to "pull off" and make the string ring
you should play songs that match your skill level first

walk before you run

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I would suggest slowing the whole thing down and playing with a metronome. It's important to always press the fret with the tip of your finger so the note will sound good, especially if your on the high frets.
Slow it down to the slowest tempo that you can tolerate and build up speed using metronome. All the cool kids do it

It's been said a million times. But only because it DOES work 100% of the time (depends on your patience though). You've already got a decent guitar and confidence for playing Metallica. Now just sit there and repeat and be patient .

But off course if it gets too frustrating, forget about it, move on to an easier song and come back to it later.
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Dunno what a arpeggio is :P

But the fast part on the bottom 3 strings, when i change strings i seem to "pull off" and make the string ring

it`s a chord broken down into it`s component parts e.g A minor consists of the notes A,C,E so a Am arpreggio is made up of them notes.