This is the rough draft of a drum/bass peice. I have incorperated the shuffle feel, and I think its pretty cool . I wanna know what you guys think.

I have the GP file and the MIDI.

Can you please tell me what I shuld work on?
Shuffle Feel.mid
Shuffle Feel GP.gp3
Me being not a huge fan of midis, I didn't like the timbre of it. But I did like the rythm. However, the bass could be a little more melodic, as it sounds a little like you just threw random notes in (not that you did, it just kinda sounds like it.)

Do you use a keyboard or just the computer?
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Its weird, when I wirte bass like that, thats how it comes to me. very strange
It's definitely out there, but that's usually a good thing. I'd definitely like to hear the next drafts.
It is well thought.
This said, it will be interesting to see what it becomes. So far, it does sound a little mechanical, due, I guess, to the step by step programming...
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I couldent listen to the first one, it wouldent play. But the second one I somehow managed to listen to that, and its an ok riff, I'm not so keen on the beginning, but the main jiff of it was pertty good, espcially the ending, that made me laugh.
Rather funny, made me laugh abit too! Another thing that I should have stated is that im not a bassist, im an Electric Guitarist and im into shred metal, so I think thats why the bass sounds all over the place