Hello everyone

I'm looking for a tube amp, don't mind if its a combo or a head. Not really looking for anything more than 30 watts. I play modern rock, so I dont need insane amounts of gain. Budget is up to £400 and I would ideally like you to be situated within a reasonable driving distance. I live in East Anglia, bout half an hour away from norwich and half an hour from cambridge.

Show me what you've got guys.
i was gonna suggest the blackstar ht-5 but i thinks it only 5 watts :S

just ignore anything i've said.
have you checked any music stores for tubes?
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i played a blackstar artisan15 last week and it was f'n amazing! but I can't afford £879 and they havent been out long enough to pick one up 2nd hand. Yer they are only 5w. I'm hoping to get more for my money by buying second hand, thanks tho mate.
I just got a Blackstar, it may only be 5w, but fück me is it loud! Seriously, it gets over a drumkit on half volume
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My Laney TT100-212 Combo is on sale, although I don't think we're in commuting distance of each other. Let me know either way.

Pics and details here - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1160627

I think the amp is a bit to metal for my liking, from the sound clips anyway. Also, the 100 watts are putting me off. Don't really play places big enough to drive the tubes the way I like. But thanks anyway dude.

Anyone else got anything to offer me?
Yeah, channel 3 is too metal, especially when the xpand switch is engaged to tighten the low end. Channel 2 has a more open overdrive quality to it. As far as cranking the tubes, you can get a highly saturated tone by keeping the master volume low and cranking the volume and gain of the channel you want.

Feature-wise, the TT100 is really handy - it's just the modern sound I don't want.
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Well, I live near Norwich and I have a 4x12 cab for sale. So if you end up getting a head and need a cab for it, get in touch!


Replied, anyone else got anything? I'm open to anything really, just let me know.