It's a slow acoustic song, kinda folky. C4C

Winds thrashing round
This rains coming down
The ants need to see
They all got responsibilities
Their gonna get put back in place
Cause gods decided their fate

Ant hills falling to the cracks
Nobody's been picking up the slack
Scavengers left and made their way
Army's gone to fight another day

Give what you take and take what you need
Give your life away if that what need be
I don't understand this new country bombshell
Cause this life we're living ain't far from hell

The final chord has been strummed on this song
It'll start in new york and end in hong kong
Mushrooms will grow where there's been blood fests
The ants will come along and make their nests
hmm, pretty good. the ants theme isn't bad. i just don't get what it's about. explain?
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I think that you have a talent for writing, but it seemed a little bit short. Just suggesting you could write a bit more, but if you think that it's the right length, more power to you. Personal opinion, the government bashing has been done alot, but it's still very good. Hope you check out the songs I wrote for some feedback.
I really like this A LOT!

I do believe that this piece is a bit underwriten though. I think that there needs to be a better connector from the ants analogy to the second half which only seems to deal with humans. Maybe connect the ants back again or something of that nature(no pun intended) will make this piece much more "professional" and "full" feeling.

In the third stanza I would rewrite the last two lines because I do not believe that they are as good as the rest of the piece. A little bit too generic for the overall kind of quirkiness of the writing.

To be honest, while the last stanza features some good writing it just does not really connect well with the rest of the piece in my opinion.

Overall, this piece is very close and with some revisions I can see this easily being nominated for a contest or WOTM or some other type of award. Good luck with the future.

By the way, I have two pieces on the first page "Together Through Life" and "The Rough, The" please tell me what ya think ..... THANKS!