Need some help with choosing some pups for my Ibanez guitars.

Basswood body
Rosewood Fretboard

Mahogany body

So far, I've decided to put a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the bridge of my S series. Was thinkin of doing the same with the 570

For the neck pickup on the S series, I'm looking for a fat warm and smooth sound. I'll mainly use the neck for cleans. No rhythm guitar or shredding in the neck position. Bluesy/Jazzy sounding? Won't be doing much soloing on this because of the lack of # of frets compared to the RG

For the RG, I want the single coil to be more twangy than the stock pickup. I have a Dimarzio Breed 166 in the bridge and don't really like it much. I was thinking of putting a Super Distortion in the bridge on this one as well. For the neck, again a smooth fat sound, but for soloing/shredding. Looking at Air Zones or Tone Zones, but don't know if that will even work?

I'm not too sure so do any of you have any suggestions? I'm 100% sure on the Super Distortion in the bridge on the S series. The rest I'm not so sure.

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks guys