After discovering Frank Gambale last night and watching a few of his jam/lesson videos and also after playing for about 4 years with hardly any knowledge in theory (I know the 5 minor pentatonic shapes, and 1 major scale shape) i've decided i'ev had enough of trying to improvise little licks without knowing where to go. Basically whatever i play is just chromatics to me.

This is one of the lesson videos im on about;


And i decided to copy what he did - at like the 1 minute mark - Where it shows the Fretboard diagram and the interval numbers all over it for the C major scale. The tonic's are highlighted. So i've made a good copy of it, and ive sat down and played around with it a little, but what can i do to further help me understand this important scale?

Should i make a fretboard diagram for each key? Should i just scrap it all and read the crusade articles? (I attempted this a few times, id prefer to learn it like Frank explains it though.

Im ready to make a lot more fretboard diagrams to pin up on my wall to absorb it, but what would be the best way? Any help please guys, really had enough of not being able to play whats going on in my mind..
If you already know 5 pentatonic shapes, I'd learn the major scale in terms of notes and intervals, and then look at how its related to the major pentatonic - major pentatonic is just the major scale with the 4th and 7th omitted - so you just need to add in those notes to the scale you already know.

Edit: If the crusades are a bit heavy going, try freepower's theory vids
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I'd suggest learning the fretboard and then the theory behind scales. Then apply one to the other and you can play any scale anywhere on the fretboard.
What helped me was to get the books for the grades. Not necessarily take the grades themselves, but it takes you through All the different scales, in different positions, as you go through them. Theory is sort of apparent as you go through them, but if you want more, just go into your guitar shop and ask for a beginner book on guitar theory. That's what i did at least.