Are there any other Manics fans on this forum?

They're one of my fave bands of all time and I think some of their music and lyrics is just pure inspirational. Also does anybody else think that James Dean Bradfield is an underrated guitarist? I think he is, espeically considering he is quite a good singer too and has to do an awful lot live.

I'll admit their latest album (Journal for Plague Lovers) wasn't the best, but it was still a good album and sounded fresh after all these years they've been together, and the lyrics by the late great Richey James Edwards R.I.P were magical.

If your a fan, or not, discuss your views about, in my opinion, one of the most underrated great british rock bands of the last 20 years.
All the excitement
Blew me away
Through time
Straight through space just to here
I've got a legend to tell you today
So listen up, I want you all to hear
There's a thread popping about somewhere already.

I quite like them, thought their recent album was their best in ages, way better than 'Send Away The Tigers' imo