So, as the title says.

Do you confuse some bands with others.

I'll start off.

I always confuse Bullet For My Valentine with Funeral For A Friend.

I don't know why, i just don't know why.

I also confuse Lilly Allen with Amy Winehouse.


Sorry for my bad English. It's not my first language.
I was once guilty of the failism of confusing Rise Against with RATM.
I confuse most black/death metal with eachother. I hate the vanilla tone of most death metal bands lyrics.
*lust list*
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busted and mcfly

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i sometimes confuse Guns n roses with a band who just released an album after 15 years and his dreadlocked singer can´t sing for ****
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Sorry for my bad English. It's not my first language.

It's still better than the average North American teenager on the internet.
I always confuse boysetsfire and alexisonfire
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Otep with Opeth.
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Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer
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I always confuse Bullet For My Valentine with Funeral For A Friend.

I confuse Bullet For My Valentine with My Bloody Valentine, even though they sound nothing alike and MBV has been around way longer. It's just the name.

I confuse Nickelback, Theory Of A Deadman and Hinder when I hear them on the radio. I can't tell them apart at all.
Nickleback and theory of a deadman

incubus and placebo
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Dark Funeral and Dark Fortress and Dark Lunacy and Dark Suns, I think I saw two of them at the same festival and the mixup has been with me, I know one of the bands listed plays black metal :S
metal bands have a stiffy for "dark"

also Dark Angel and Death Angel