5/5, let me download it. All around great stuff, I can't make any criticisms.
very nice, very chill, one thing you could do is just get that mastered a little louder, but great playing!
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
thanks for the crit. i listend to family. man that was great. it gave off a perfect surfing/laid back acoustic vibe. great playing, and i liked the rythem. for me its hard to like a song without lyrics but this was great, and dident need any. great job. this is good stuff. perfect to listen to while "lighting up". nice work mate.
nice job man. it reminds me of the kind of music they play on the weather channel lol.its really nice and layed back as some have already said.im liking the sound of your guitar also. i wish i could get mine to sound that bright on the leads but its just a cheap acoustic.

crit mine if you want (its metal)