Hi all! Is there any difference between a xlr or 1/4 inch mic? I have a cube street amp that can take both inputs. I also plan on getting a looper pedal that only has a 1/4inch input... so that may be more convenient.

Anyway, any thoughts on this? Also, can you guys recomend any good basic mic for vocals? I'll be using it for practice. Thanks.
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XLR for sure.
1/4 inch mics are generally crappy.
XLRs are balanced , so there are no out-of-phase signals, and they have much more output.
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def use the xlr, much better quality

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It depends. 1/4" balanced sounds as good as XLR. 1/4" unbalanced (like a guitar cable) sounds like ass compared to XLR, but it does the trick if you want to use guitar pedals with a vocal mic.
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