I have progressed pretty fast in learning theory and guitar technique. But at this juncture I have only played according to sound, and have barely memorized the natural scale in 1st position.

I think it's about time that I learn the note names of frets

Does anyone have any good techniques and/or practices that work well to learn the neck?

Thank You!
Write the note on the fret under the string in sharpie.
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What i did, was just the "whole" ones (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) on each string

Rather, i found a diagram on the internet.
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flash cards
quiz yourself
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Look at patterns.
Notice how as you go up the strings they go up in 4ths? (Except the Gstring to Dstring) This can apply to all strings on all frets.
Also, look at how octave notes fit together on the fretboard.

AND PRACTICE. When playing a scale, think of the notes you are playing as you are playing them.
i suggest buying a book geared for beginners that uses notes instead of tab, and run through that
memorize all the notes on each string one string at a time that is easier then trying to learn all the notes in each fret. when i was learning i took one string a week and studied that and in no time at all i had them all down.
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Learn them in context and them relative to each other. What I mean is pick a key and scale and play it in all octaves up to the twelfth fret. As you do, sing out the notes in tune as you play them, it will help with your ear. Also note the position of notes relative to each other recognising the intervals.
It's important to not only play the scale in order though.
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It's probably going to be a lot of memorization. I found that when memorizing note names and root note locations on scales the easiest way for me to do it was to find a pattern to let me find them easily and then just work in ways to practice with them until I had them memorized where I could pick them out without having to go through my finding method.

Memorize the open string names first: e, B, G, D, A, E from highest to lowest. Assign a reverse acronym if you want (I don't remember what they're actually called). I used Everybody Believes Grandpa Digests Applesauce Easily, use whatever you want.

After that just memorize the pattern:


Spaces represent a fret, meaning A and B have a fret between them while B and C are directly next to each other.
It's a lot of quizzing yourself. I started with learning the dots and went from there. When I get board at work I'll draw out a fretboard and write in the notes.
Checkout this guitar fretboard notes guide ! It's really helping me already & I just found it yesterday!

Basically what I did was print out it out and stick it on my wall (like it says on the site), and then I decided to just learn the notes on the first string first. Once you get to the 12th fret on each string, the pattern just repeats! - Plus once you've learned the first guitar fretboard notes on the high E string, then you automatically know the ones on the low E string too. They're the same!

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