hey ,
does anyone know any shops that stock greco/tokai/orville/burny in the UK, most importantly acoustic guitars
i know a place that stocks tokai guitars but i think it is only in scotland...so probs aint much help to you...
there`s a place that stocks tokai and burny on nantwich road in crewe, cheshire they have a ebay shop but i cant remember the name of the shop and i don`t know what their ebay account is........it`s dead easy to find the shop though less than a mile from the train station . if they aint got what you want in they`ll order it for you but it is a 1 man shop(dead small)

out of the station turn left keep on going it`s on the the opposite side of the road it`s a fender main dealer i think there a neon fender sign in the window.
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www.guitars.co.uk stocks Burny electrics and some fine acoustics. Good guy, too.
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There's a shop in Birmingham which stocks them. City Music, I think it's called.
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