I bought an LTD MH-1000, and it has a floyd rose tremolo system, but the thing is about 45 degrees to the body, and this makes it somewhat difficult to play. In order to lower the action, I assume the bridge must be made level with the body, however, I don't know how to accomplish this. Any instructions would be great.
Adjust the springs in the back, by either tightening or loosening the screws holding them to the body, retune, repeat. It's a bitch.
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loosen the screws holding the springs in back. i have the same guitar and use really light gauge strings, had to do the same thing.
there are several videos on youtube about how to adjust the floyd rose systems. also, there is a sticky thread on floyd roses/other tremolos thats pretty good. for the forum theres a lot of info spread out so you might have to dig a bit but id start in these places
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Any decent guitar shop with a legit tech should be able to properly set that thing up for $50.00. Once it's set if you take care of it you should be able to change strings several times before it needs to be set up again. Sometimes the more you try to do it yourself the more messed up it will be, expecially with the intonation and tuning stability. But if that don't matter then yeah play with the springs.
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unlock the nut 1st then turn the screws on the spring claw clockwise to pull the bridge down only a 1/4 of a turn at a time on each side retune repeat retune repeat retune etc.... until it`s level and in tune.