A while ago, my Peavey Valveking 112 randomly would not turn on. No burning smell, no pop, i just went up to it one day and nothing would turn on. I replaced the fuse on the back and nothing happened, and i was told that Peavey amps have an internal fuse as well. I want to change it, but I have never operated on the inside of any amp before, and i dont want to just start unscrewing things willy-nilly.

My question is, how do I open the chassis to get to the internal fuse? I'm sure once it's open changing the fuse wouldn't be too difficult.

Here's a picture (not my pic):

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i dont think there's anything wrong with the tubes.
_b l/ink youreyes /1 for yes 2 fo_r n o
If it doesn't turn on then it must be something else then the tubes
Anyway, it's easy tto open the chassis just unscrew those