So I found this in song in my guitar case that I had written last year about my exgirlfriend( the depressing **** is always about them) and thought I would try to sing and play it. It turned out somewhat better than my last attempt to sing and play guitar at the same time. Its a bit emo so get over that. And my voice sucks a bit. I coded the MP3 in stero and raised the overall volume 30%, hopefully that helps.

Let me know what yall think, do I need to get someone better to sing it?

you can't hear the vocals hardly at all which ruins any impact this song might have made. the other thing that bothered me was the heavy handed way you played the guitar as the song seemed to need a more light approach. strum lighter with a more even stroke and i think it would sound better. i listened to a sampling of some of your other stuff which was much better.