Of all the song I've written, this one is the least serious, but it's also the most original. It is a rock song about a half-man half-fish mutant.

She grabbed leftover fish from the refridgerator
And had herself some fun
She laid herself an egg about seven days later
How Fishicus begun.

He's half fish, half man,
Lives on water and land,
Science be damned.

In small town America, he was raised
Lived in the pool at the YMCA
Swimming laps all night and day

But what people don't know about Fishicus,
Is Fishicus's got the funk.

At this we proceed into an extended funk jam until the end of the song.

We'll be recording it soon, and I'll post a link to the mp3 when we do.
You know what would be pretty cool?
A drum forum.
that sounds kinda funny lol. a bit odd, but a bit funny.
i can't wait to hear fishicus's funk jam lol
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