What can you guys tell me about these pickups?
Are they any good?
What styles are they good for?

strat or tele?

i've heard they are good pickups, they help remove the singles static, they are aimed more towards blues/rock, not great for metal....im pretty sure
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I've never used the 'hot' versions, but I've used the 'vintage' version quite often (in fact I have one in a Tele). They're pretty terrible. I find they're actually more noisy than regular singlecoils and they have a very dull, lifeless tone. It's like when you use active pickups with a solid state amp, it's just this really bad, sterile tone with a lot of constant hiss. I would assume the over-wound 'hot' versions are going to be just the same only worse.

The only time I've gotten a good tone out of them is on the Clapton signature Strat, and that required a good amp and heavy use of the active midboost circuit to shape the tone. Even then, it'd have been easier to just use regular singlecoils and gotten the same tone and no diffreence in background noise.
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I heard them called "toneless" instead of noiseless on numerous occasions. If you want Fender Noiseless pickups, get the SCNs. Dimarzio makes some too.