Hey guys, these are three pieces I had lying in my documents folder, still awaiting some criticism.

The first one called Scoffield:

The night is young,
our flame has been put to shame,
I get through the night by being the one to blame,
for many more nights come

It's hard to get a clear picture here,
I forgot my roadmap,
Into wrong directions I steered,
away from what I am

What I stand for,
I percieve as make believe,
My morals are born on fear,
Yet now they steer my way out of here,

What I went for,
was a feeling of disbelieve,
I should have listened to my heart,
Should've gone when it was my time to leave,

I feel rejected from the warm heart of the wise,
I walk tall but I can't look you in the eyes,
New morality has spawned,
From the young and the naive,
It makes it a whole lot easier to take the blame,


The second one called Of Math And Science (a short one):

You and I,
Time went by,
I learned my place by trial and error,

Afraid to go in ways,
I was taught against,
The science of love,
Twisting my math,

Yet I see,
The path I need to take,
The ache nurtures itself


The last one called Virtues:

I'm waiting,
silently contemplating,
My heart chose it's way,
quietly awaiting your call

Times have changed,
my patience matters,
i'm no longer in control,

Playing the victim,
we both don't know whats up,
Determined to reach my goal,

I'm craving for attention,
whatever it might be,
coming to fill this hole,

but i will still be,
right here,
hoping, waiting, coping
respecting, expecting,
taking the toll