I want to record some old keyboard and make it sound like an hammond organ.
It should sound old and real and not super polished.
Does anybody have an idea which effects I should use to get that hammond organ sound? I think that it takes a few of them.
Like some of the old Dylan stuff: "Like a rolling stone" or "positively 4th street".

Would be great if anybody could help me!
You'll probably never be able to recreate the classic Hammond B3 Organ sound. Sorry.
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Well find the closest sound you can on your keyboard, try adding a leslie speaker simulating effect, and perhaps just a little bit of warm distortion.

Also organs tend to work by using many ocatave, so if this isn't already happeing on the kayboard exeriment with pitch shifting by octaves anf leaning that in to the original.

But if you have the capabilities, a VST instrument would give the best results.
Native Instruments do a Hammond B4 plugin, it's fairly convincing. This was a while ago, so there should be plenty of reasonable ones to use.

As sam_i_am suggests, you could probably take a generic organ sound and give it a rotary feel (you could automate panning for this), and pitch shift some duplicates of the fundamental to replicate drawbar settings (1 octave, 2 octaves, 2 octaves + 3rd, 2 octaves +5th, sub octave etc). You'd also want a chorus effect, pref. with a wide vibrato on it.

If you've ever played a Electro-Harmonix POG or a Digitech Whammy, even just a guitar can sound vaguely like a hammond, so it shouldn't be too hard to do in theory.
My keys players roland synth does a very convincing hammond. Good enough to not bother using my drummers real leslie equipped organ in fact.
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