loved the title it made me want to hear the song. i liked the production and playing except for the bass. to boomy sounding. a slightly higher pitch would seem more appropriate for the song. i really liked the jangly guitar in the background at the beginning. nice guitar solo. i have a couple of things posted in a thread farther down the page.
the recording is amazing, how did you do the drums? they totally made the song for me, they were incredibly dynamic and expressive.
the bass playing was extremely groovy as well, some excellent lines in their. oh sweet, guitar solo just started. excellent tone, flawless playing I'm blown away!!

5 stars from this cowboy.
The drums are from groove agent, Some of it are the pattern available in the software, some were programmed by me.
The bass was actually recorded with an electric guitar and lowered 1 octave in cubase, as for my track "I say Shuf"