So i have a friend who is looking at a valvetronix and he asks if they're good. I have never played one, but i have read up on them so i say, i hear for their price range, it's the best in the price range.

How does a valvetronix compare to an amp that's out of it's pricerange as in more expensive? Because i also told him, if there is a better amp out there for only two or three hundred more ($) than i would save up for it. But i wouldn't know because i have never played one.

By the way he was looking at the AD100VT which from what i understand is usually $500-$550. He plays a lot of hard rock/metal, but also appreciates good cleans, which i hear vox's excel at (the clean tones part). So what is the best advice i can give him?
i'd suggest to him that if he has that much money to look for a used tube amp. never fails.
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