i've had ernie ball regular slinky's and about every 3 weeks im having to replace them due to strings breaking. i dont play that much, maybe a 4 hours a week so they shouldnt be breaking so fast. can anyone recommend me some strings? i dont really care about specifics like coatings and type of metal, as long as they sound good and dont break as fast as these.
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D'addario strings. I have used them forever for not just their tone but i have NEVER broken one of their strings.
It could be your bridge breaking the strings , check the saddles for sharp edges , and yes use daddario
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You have a burr or a sharp spot somewhere on the bridge or tuning peg that's breaking the string. I change strings every two or three weeks too, but I haven't broken a string in ten years.
ok ill check. that makes sense since i snapped a D and an A at the bridge. do i just get a file and gently file it? or should i take it somewhere to get fixed?
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it's not the strings man. I've used Ernie Ball Regular Slinky strings for years and keep them on for about 2 months.I haven't broken one in I don't know how long. It's been a while, I'll tell ya that.

Next time you break a string, make a mental note of where it broke.. was it over the nut? At the tuning peg? At the bridge? If it's the same string in the same place twice, you've probably found the problem.
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