Poll: are you holding/playing a guitar right now?
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59 33%
119 67%
Voters: 178.
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No, but I am fumbling myself.
Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm.
i'm in the bathroom right now, and i was just wishing i had a guitar in my hands
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no, but i quite often do
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holding my penis in my hand

kinda the same thing
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I'm holding my guitar in my hand. But by guitar, I also mean penis.
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Not at the moment.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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I thought it said are you playing right. No, I am not.
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No, but it is in arms reach.
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I did a few minutes ago, & one of them is right next to me, but it's not currently in my hands, no.

Dude, lol.

I'm holding my guitar in my hand. But by guitar, I also mean penis.

Me to!

you may want to wash your hand
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God no, holding a guitar whilst browsing a slightly guitar-related forum? Preposterous!

S t a i r s s r i a t S

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i usually do... but since it's nearly midnight here... it's a bit late for a jam.

It's never too late for a jam!
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No, in fact I'm several thousand miles away from my guitar and won't get to play for a few weeks.
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Ironbodom, I hate you.

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damnit Ironbodom.

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Yes, someone "was ate jam" while they were playing.
Brilliant observation.

No because my Les Paul is in the shop for a fret dressing, and I don't feel like playing my strat. I normally do have them, if not in my hands, then within arm's reach.
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That is a big yupper from me. I am playing Don't stop beleving and typing with my toes.
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technically im holding it between my thigh and my armpit, but holding it i am!!!
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No, but I do have my hand down my pants
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No. practice time should be seperate from pit time. You lose all originality in your playing if you play while on the pit. It's just not good.

Pit time is listening to music time.
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