Hey guys,

I have an Epiphone Les Paul Classic at the moment and recently iv been getting tired of it. When i first got it i liked it and over the past 3 years its served its purpose well, but i feel a bit less enthusiastic about playing it now and i think iv grown out of it.

I dont like the heavyness of it, and dont the limited access to the higher frets, all together its abit too bulky and in general im just not liking the feeling of it anymore. It sounds great but i want something nicer to play. Mabey im just bored of it but basically im going to sell it and look for something else. The question is what?

I dont really know what i want, im going to go into london next week to check all the gear in Tinpan alley where all the music is, but what direction do you think i should go? An obvious answer im guessing would be a nice superstrat, possible Ibanez?
: )
Ibanez are comfortable, but i dont like the 16" fretboard radius too much. Les Paul's are usually pretty round (if i remember correct, i could be wrong), so i would go with an ESP or something with a 12" radius. Or maybe a Fender of some sort with like 9 and a quarter.

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Check out Ibanez, Schecters and ESPs... They have pretty lightweight superstrat models.
ibanez s470

thin, very playable neck

mahogany so you can still get those fatter tones
what stuff are you into... ?
budget... ?
seems like the shredder's drawbacks are showing up for you on your les paul...
What genres do you want to focus in on? what kind of amp do you own?
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I recently bought a jackson SLS3 after about 4 years of using an epi lp custom, so much lighter for stage, great fret access and amazingly comfortable.

check one out if you get the chance.
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I don't know if you'd like it or get used to it, but since you've been playing a Les Paul a lot, you'd probably hate the thin necks on the Ibanez guitars.

I don't if all of them have it, but all of them I have tried do...Correct me if I'm wrong.
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I own a Schecter C-1 FR and it may not be the cheapest of all guitars but i gotta say a more easy-played guitar i have never seen. the neck is also very round.
Schecter forever!!
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Your sure to find something in denmark street. When I went last I came away with an Elite SG...
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