I have narrowed it down to ibanez ts9, fulltone ocd and fulldrive 2 mosfet (i am not too keen on the mosfet as i prefer simplicity in my pedals). Which one should I get? I am looking for a ac/dc, srv, bb king tone and I'll be using the clean channel of my SS amp (i know they are meant for tube amps but i can't afford one right now).
I've only owned the Fulldrive 2 Mosfet, but I can't say anything bad about it. It's not very hard to use. It's a good transparent overdrive as well.
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If you're going for a tubescreamer style pedal, I recomend my own, the T-Rex Moller pedal! It's fantastic, with a very transparent overdrive, and can get you hard crunchif dialed so. It's only drawback is the price, at 220€.
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It seems that the Fulltone OCD is a very popular pedal. I might go with that one. But this all really depends on what floats your boat, not ours.
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