In my profile called "Gunshot in Summit"

A little back story on this, i just got back from Chicago (the music was written before i went) and me and my girlfriend were in some little mexican neighbourhood called Summit (excellent mehican place there called "el famous buritto" check it out if yer in the Summit/Bridgeview area of the Chicago subs)
Anyway, we heard like 7 gunshots, me being a little country bumpkin from Scotland sh*t a brick and so losely.. this is based on that experience.. what a rant over nothing.

Rant 2:
In recording this i ecountered some problems, my pc kept freezing up on me while recording the vocals and so to overcome this i had to mix down the music then record the vocals over an mp3 of the music.. outcome.. very limited mixing ability on final product.. so... yeah..

Cheers for reading all that crap above if ya even did and i promise i'll crit your stuff if you leave a comment.

Much obliged, alkalineweeman
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they make horrible noises in the middle of the night (is it sex?)

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I guess she's pretty hot if you're into that "having a good music video, but not better than Beyonce's" kind of thing...
i like it bro... i lke how it has like a slightly country kinda groove if that makes sense lol great job
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Its pretty cool, could you check out some of the songs on my profile and tell me what you think, thanks.
song was pretty good i liked the driving sound. you need to work on production some. ease up on the distortion on the guitar for greater clarity. the sound was kind of bass heavy and muddied up in parts. although i thought the bass playing was really good it was to busy for the song. punk bass is usually more direct and less notey. you couldn't hear the drums very well for most of the song. i thought the lyrics were good. hope this helps. you'll find a post with my stuff on it in this section farther down the page.
I liked it, I do have a soft spot for punk rock, It was very well played, the only problems I say were mixing issues, easly fixed. But I thought the guitar was a bit too thin, I would add some bass it or cut back on the shrill, and the bass drum could be louder. Other than that I thought it was great.

the song was good it would try to make the guitar thicker and i really didnt like like the snare sound. as far as the music itself goes it was good keep up the good job.Check out my songs in my profile.