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Are there any instrumentals based around guitar that would not be too tough?
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As far as instrumentals go, Orion and Suicide & Redmption by Metallica aren't too difficult if you don't count Kirk's solo parts (James does some great, slower solos though)
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Quote by PuppetMaster91
As far as instrumentals go, Orion and Suicide & Redmption by Metallica aren't too difficult if you don't count Kirk's solo parts (James does some great, slower solos though)

Agreed, thats actually exactly what I was thinking when I read this post. Orion is pretty sweet, and fairly easy. A little complicated a certain parts, I believe the bass is actually the hard part.
Depending on what you mean by not too tough, try Stream of Consciousness by Dream Theater. It's difficult, but learning and playing it is awesome.

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Little wing. THe srv version is hard but if you do hendrix's version sans vocals its till a very pretty instrumental that stands on its own
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yyz aint too bad
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I agree YYZ is not to hard and fun
but technical difficulties? I would consider that advanced
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Jessica - The Allman Brothers
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look for classical guitar songs that are guitar 3 and guitar 2, some are easy and gets you into the more classical aspect of guitar. opens a lot of doors.
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Quote by zhilla
Ending Credits - Opeth. First song I ever learned so it must be easy

I was just gonna suggest this! It's awesome.
+1 on Ending Credits, I just sat down and can play it well enough in not much time at all. Obviously not perfect, but yeah. Anyone got anything else along those lines?
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tears in the rain-joe satriani

its short but sweet
also try hill of the skulls by satch

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If you're into the shred/instrumental rock stuff, id recommend these in increasing difficulty:

Always With Me, Always With You by Satch (easiest song of the 3, helps with tapping and legato)
Technical Difficulties by Racer X (helps your alternate picking/legato/string skipping alot)
For the Love of God by Steve Vai (The song isnt technically difficult save the solo)

Try to achieve the feel of the song for the satch and vai one.
I dreamed there was no war - The Eagles

The Godfather theme- Nino Rota (this is fingerstyle but not too hard)
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Always with me always with you - Joe Satriani

Perfect song to build up your legato. Sounds great and it's fairly simple.
Up In Flames - Joe Satriani

Its so easy I learned the entire peice by ear. But it still sounds awesome.
State of Grace by Liquid Tension Experiment.
It's easy but sounds awesome.
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if u can read learn music and like classical stuff, some bach violin/cello suites would be great... most of them are easy and you can hone lots of aspects of ur technique... as far as songs go orion would be my choice and i think axe720 was quite right in pointing out up in flames by satch
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Which one. Freddie King or Clapton? Learning the Clapton/Bluesbreakers one at the moment, finding it tough to perfect

And eh Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
Alright good choice. You not like the Clapton version?

To TS, also Blues Boy Tune- BB King
Allman Brothers Band - Mountain Jam
Allman Brothers Band - In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
Allman Brothers Band - Jessica
Allman Brothers Band/King Curtis - Soul Serenade
Booker T. & the M.G.'s - Green Onions
The Meters - Look-ka Py Py
Sly & the Family Stone - Sing a Simple Song(works well as an instrumental)
Jimi Henrix - Machine Gun
Jimi Hendrix - Power of Soul
The Beatles - I Want You (She's So Heavy) [good as an instrumental]
Instrumentals that are not too tough

Technical Difficulties
For The Love Of God

Am I the only one who finds stuff like that a bit, well, tough?
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