Has anyone seen or tried this it's new to me but I have been without internet since 07. Looks to like they would just scratch off if a string got under them.

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if you make the strings touch the surface of the wood in a way that would peel them youd be grinding away the wood (and playing terribly) so if thats not happening the strings wont touch it. however, your fingers will and they will peel it away eventually. not to mention the effect on playability when your fingers are picking up all the extra sensory input of sliding over the edges. looks like a quick buck gimmic that could never work in real life.
You're going to regret putting something like that on your guitar later on. Just don't.
I used to work in a vinyl shop. there are ways to seal the edges of the stickers to make it more durable. but it leaves sealer/glue on your fretboard. if you ever peeled off the sticker you still have an outline of sealer. vinyl is not made to be touched. IMO doing this to your guitar is a cheap quick fix that will be destroyed on the first bend. inlays are better but it helps to do inlay without the frets on the guitar.
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wat do u reckon would happen if you were building a guitar and u stuck those on the fresh fretboard and then put the lacquer or sealer or watever over the top? would work the same as proper inlay?
^ well without many coats of sealer/clear coat, the vinyl would not be level on the board. Your best bet, if you wanted to go that route. Would be a water slide then clear over that. Much thiner than a vinyl decal. I have never used it on a board, but ONCE attempted a vinyl decal on a head stock. And it took many coats of clear to level it out and look decent.