Ok so im thinking of upgrading from my B.C. Rich to an ibanez or schecter guitar. Now my price range is 250-399(400), and i have a fender strat and epiphone Les pual so i don't really want to buy any other kind of guitar because for my band im doing mostly metal and i need guitars that can handle that and the B.C. is great but i think the ibanez and schecters out beat it by a bit so im asking who knows what i should get between those too? Oh and maybe just maybe i could go for a razorback as a possible third option
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schecters are amazing for the price

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I know almost nothing about gear and guitars. It's sad. I think Schecters are heavier sounding though.
If you play fast metal and shred a lot id say ibanez. If you just want a heavy sound then shecter. I upgraded from a b.c rich to an Ibanez and its great.
yeya but cant a schecter be good for fast stuff too? jsut customize it with good strings?
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Schecter, mainly because they come with Seymour Duncans or EMGs while Ibanez's stock pickups are not as good.
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yeya but cant a schecter be good for fast stuff too? jsut customize it with good strings?

Schecter's come with d'addrios.

And since when did new strings make a guitar play faster?

...good neck makes a guitar play faster.
thats true but with d'addrios it has a good feel for speed and also if u have crappy strings your obvisoly not gonig to play fast ya know lol but ok those are my fav strings and a good neck is key
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ehh, in that price i'd say schecter wouldn't be a great option. that's they're real low-end stuff. either save up more for a better schecter, or a ibanez rg in that price range.

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...good neck makes a guitar play faster.

No, good players make a guitar play faster.

And it's all preference about the thinner/thicker neck deal. I can personally play "faster" on my thick necked Gibson then on my thin-necked Ibanez. I think for me its because of the frets. The frets on my Gibson are tiny and flat, while the Ibby has jumbo frets.
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