my last idea of a les paul goth isn't turning out so good so im looking for other good beginner guitar, my price range is 300 and i will buy used, i would like to play guns n'roses metallica linkin park stuff like that, so what do you guys recommend?

Edit: and evanescence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love evanescence and i don' care if you don't like them
See if you can pick up some guitar in mahogany at that price range?
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An epiphone les paul special should do the trick-Its a very decent beginners guitar imo
Ibanez gax70. I got one used, and its one of my favorite guitars Ive played. It only cost me about $250
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esp 300 or 400 Viper or EC. or look at any schecter C-1 model. both of these brands are very reliable and sound great. Alot of players including myself try to stay away from the 2 major brands (Fender & Epiphone) in the less expensive models. i had a mexican strat that hed a pickup go bunk within 3 days of buying it brand new and it has never played very well. I also had to have the pickups in my Epi Les Paul Custom replaced due to the bridge going bunk on me after 2 years. now my EMG's scream and the guitar is actually worth something to me.

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if you can bump your budget up by about hmmm 50 bucks or so then you should definitely get the ibanez rg321
An epiphone les paul special should do the trick-Its a very decent beginners guitar imo

Get yourself a les paul standard or G-400.Anything lower just isn't worth it.
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