Am I just retarded or is this hard as f#ck. If anyone knows any exercises or anything that would help me, I'd love to hear it.
yeah i found it really hard at first
i just practiced with really easy songs with like straight eights and stuff
im still not great at it but im getting better, it just takes practice
Try doing rythm parts while singing first, song that I found were easy to play and sing to were for whom the bell tolls and am i evil, both by metallica.
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Wonderwall is a pretty easy one to get started on. The vocals carry the same rhythm as the guitar for the most part.
Try like Nirvana or All Time Low or powerchord stuff.

Don't expect to belt out some Children of Bodom anytime soon XD
it's really hard at first, but the more you try, the easier it gets
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It's really just practice, because at first your mind gets confused between the two. Get the guitar part in your fingers so you really don't have to think about it.
Learn both parts individually to the point where you can do it without thinking. Then, try and play them together.
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Learn both parts individually to the point where you can do it without thinking. Then, try and play them together.

+1 indefinitly

Learning to sing and play at the same time is challenging, don't let anyone tell you different. Start small, and go with the basic songs until you get the knack down (Creedence Clearwater Revival is GREAT for this stuff). Pretty soon you'll be playing War Pigs and singing over it (that's a good time).
Nirvana and Weezer are both good bands to practice singing on. A lot of Weezer songs (I.E. Pork and Beans) are simple strumming, with a little fingerwork put in the verses. Once you get that first song down, it's gets significantly easier.
If you're trying sing=playing, learn a song vocally first, then learn the same song on guitar. Make sure you can do both these things as second nature(which means learning the song inside out) try them together, it's just practice.
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Yeah, it's really hard for me too.
It requires multitasking.
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difficult to do. I try to make the fingers independent of the throat... so i try to memorize and rehearse the guitar part as much as possible
My mind has a habit of wanting to check my pitch in comparison to the guitar (even though it's fine every time unless I'm having a bad singing day), and this ends up slowing me down.

Then again, I'm trying to start with an original, and this particular song isn't terribly easy to play (it's not too hard at all, but with vocals it's pretty difficult). Maybe I'll try something easier first.

Case in point, I feel your pain. Singing and playing at the same time is like stepping onto an alien world for the first time.
If the band's guitarist is actually playing and singing the song at their shows, there is a good chance they wrote the vocals to fit like a puzzle over the guitar. It's up to you to figure it out. I have to re-learn how to sing and play for every song, but I can do it fairly easily now. I'd say it takes about 6-8 hours of practice for me to learn how to sing over the complex songs, whereas the first few songs took like multiple weeks to figure out.

The hardest for me was The Writing Writer, Ten Speed, and Faint of Hearts by Coheed. Act One, Scene One by TFoT was tough too. If you can get those, you can get anything.
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johnny b. goode is pretty simple, just a blues stretch as you sing
like said before wonderwall was one of the first songs me and my brother learned together and sing together
say it ain't so is pretty simple
i'm trying venice queen by rhcp rite now
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Metronome or tab on your guit with the beat.. start with simple chords songs, the try jimi hendrix stuff =)

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