its an a/b box that i made from $20 worth of **** from radioshack!

its useless with my current rig, but i don't care. i made something.


continue with your lives.
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Why didn't you make like a boost switch if you can't use it with your rig? I imagine this was a bit simpler though... Sweet though, I'm thinking of getting into making my own pedals pretty soon.
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love it!
i bet you feel satisfied now!

I'd love to be able to make my own pedals!

Happy NPD haha
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you got that enclosure from radioshack?

wtf? why doesnt mine have them?
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yeah, it was just listed as a generic 'project enclosure'. they had metal ones like i used and cheaper plastic ones. it was about $3.

they didn't have the right switch so i had to use a toggle. its ghetto
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Nice, I dig the enclosure. Why not a footswitch though?


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^he said it, they only had toggles

it looks great, i'm really wanting to build a pedal too!
i might order a fuzz kit or something to replace my russian big muff that i'm not sure i like (and i already have a NYC big muff on my pedalboard)

happy new pedal day haha
now you can brag about you having a hand made pedal
its pretty easy to find schematics of fuzz pedals, and distortion pedals are often much simpler compared to say, a flanger of analogue delay or something. but the hard part is understanding them haha

but if you are going the byoc or ggg route you should be fine
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That'd be convenient for running a keyboard through your rig.


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Quote by stradivari310
That'd be convenient for running a keyboard through your rig.

that is.. something i didnt think of. and a really good idea.
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epic NPD


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