Well, for my birthday (7 Months ago) I received an Epiphone G-400 and one of those Line 6 Spider III Amps, and I started learning how to play.

I've been self taught this entire time, besides like my School's guitar teacher telling me the hand position for the G Chord. But he sits in his office all day, and doesn't really do anything besides give us an acoustic and a handbook on these simple songs like Yankee Doodle Do.

I've been teaching myself how to play stuff like this
Foo Fighters
Jimi Hendrix
Eric Clapton
Led Zeppelin
and The Beatles

And right now I feel pretty comfortable with stuff like chords, hammer ons, sliding my hand, and harmonics.

But since I've been self taught I've had no feedback, I'm going to get a teacher soon.
But here's 2 videos I recorded and I'd like to see if you guys can tell me what I'm doing wrong/right. Help would be greatly appreciated.

All Nightmare Long Solo cover

Emily intro cover
first off, learn to tune, your a and d string are out in the solo. secondly, play within your skill level. and if you are going to play outside of it (like you are) play at a slower tempo than the song is at, but play it EVENLY. it doesnt matter if you can play the entire song except for one 10 second blurb at full speed. play it as fast as you can where u can play that 10 second blurb at cleanly, and work yourself up to full speed. also, one thing many forget to do, work on your right hand as well as your left. idk due to the camera quality, but it looked like you were downpicking 99% of that time. you should only downpick about 50%
Well I just checked my tuning, and the only one that was out of tune was the Low E, but that's because I've been playing around with Drop D a lot lately

But I do know how to tune, I use my tuner before I record any video. But the only thing I know how to tune by ear is going from the Low E to Drop D, and C

And I see what you mean, I'll slow down a bit.

& I only down picked the beggining riff, before the solo actually starts.
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