ok so im sry ahead of time if this is in the wrong thread.
I recently got a message on ourstage.com
it said [quote="discoverstarsmgmt A quick note from discoverstarsmgmt 02:31 PM 07/15/09
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My name is Katie, an A&R rep at Discover Stars Music Management Agency. I just wanted to send you a message because I really enjoyed "Looking For the Light".

I also wanted to see if you are in the market for a management team consisting of professionals, dedicated to getting you where you want to go in the music industry? If this is something that interests you, please respond to this message with an email address and/or phone number to reach you. With your music, combined with our knowledge and work ethic, we can definitely see some spectacular results.

Thank you

Katie Yap
A&R Rep
8785 Mentor Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44060

Connecting People and Music
**During the months of July and August, we will be accepting press kits, demos and promo material for consideration.

is this a trustworthy thing?
what i really want to know is if they just went on and randomly selected bands so they could try to make money.

any advice or information on this would be great! please help me!
It definitely could be, but you should still always be wary. If yu do take her up on her offer make sure yu know any deal the company presents you inside and out and make sure there's nofine print or loopholes. If you're REALLY worried about such things you could hire legal aid to help with any deals or offers made, though that does tend to be expensive haha. I'm not saying you should definitely take my advice by I'm just putting it out there for you to mull over if you'd like. I hope it helps! =D
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Well with the email/phone number thing what i'd suggest is making a new hotmail or whatever and letting the msend it there, wait a few days and see if you start getting random, TRY THIS!, offers on that email. If you do, they just scammed you so they can sell your email to companies that want to sell you sh*t. If this doesn't happen, you may have a good deal.
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