Ok, to start, I'm not a fan of Fall Out Boy. I don't own any of their albums, I've just heard some of their songs a few times. But I will *engage flameshield* anyway.

I was just wondering, why is it not many people with good musical taste like them at all? The guitar work really isn't that bad for a punk band, I mean, punk bands are usually supposed to be simplistic and stuff. But aside from the vocalist (whom I despise, his lyrics are horrible and his voice is annoying), what's all that bad about them? Unless its an "image" thing?
Punk isn't supposed to be simple, I play bass and have come across some real complex riffs. They're not a punk band, they're a pop-punk band (big difference).

Imo their lyrics are quite good at times, as for music their bass is ****e (can't comment on anything else, don't play guitar very well).

I don't listen to them cause they're more of a kiddish/teenish band that perhaps are fun while you're young but would be weird to listen to when you're older.
Any band that is as popular as FoB is going to get hate. And the fact that this is a forum for musicians and they show very little musical talent (creativity or technicality) doesn't help them.

And Libertine is right, they are Pop-Punk, not Punk. Huge difference.
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they are pop rock, not pop punk. huge difference

fall out boy are good at what they do. they have just as much songwriting talent as any other band. they've grabbed the attention of listeners worldwide with their catchy pop. nothing wrong with that. they enjoy themselves, whatever.

so basically, this entire forum needs to get over themselves. if you don't like fall out boy, you don't like fall out boy. I don't enjoy death metal, but I can respect it. I don't enjoy rap, but I can respect it. I don't enjoy country, but I can respect it. I don't enjoy most pop, but I can respect it. see a theme here?

just because Fall Out Boy got internationally famous playing simpler riffs than your band or playing 1/4 the speed of your guitarist doesn't mean they don't deserve it. not that any bands "deserve" it. the music scene is about who you know and being in the right place at the right time. they were. now they're where they are. big whoop.

I'm tired of this same thread over and over with any band either asking why they get hate or hating on said band. it's annoying and unnecessary.

everyone has their own personal taste in music that he or she should take pride in. "flame shields" are a stupid scapegoat to cover up what should be faith in your own sense of music. your taste in music is awesome whether you listen to Dream Theater or Britney Spears because it's what you like. as far as others, WHO CARES?
I for one, could not care less about what someone else listens to. it's not my waters to swim in.

god, I hate ranting. why do I find myself so often doing it?
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