I just upgraded from an old Modeling Amp to a half stack an pedals, but I have no power supply, and battries run out fast. I have the TU-2 tuner, and was wondering if any 9v supply will do the job, or do these pedals need something diffrent, can I use a 9v power supply from anywhere? Will that do the trick, or would I be better off buying the supplys that match up with each one?

Here's the set up, in the order I have them set in

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I don't know. I tried using the 9V adapter from my NES on my Metal Muff and it didn't work.

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Best bet is to buy the Boss power supply chain, it has like 9 plugs on it... should do the trick.
and it's garunteed to work.

Or just get an endorsement from Energizer
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You can buy a 1spot adapter to power all your boss pedals. They work for mine. Not sure about the other ones but with the tuner you can daisy chain the power to all the pedals.
I have the daisy chain line, but not the 9v, I suppose that the one spot will do the trick, as far as getting the line six in the mix as well. Thanks a bunch.
1981 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Black Beauty)
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not just any 9v supply will work. most supplys these days are center pin positive, while most pedals are center pin negative. this means that you cant just grab any supply and have it work. if you know what to look for (barrel size, polarity, etc) you can sometimes find stuff that will work lying around the house.

however, most pedals these days use similar style power jacks. basicly 2.1mm BOSS style jacks are the standard these days, and most companys use them. so just grabbing something like the 1 spot or any other power supply made for pedals will work fine.