Yeah so this might be a new one. I'm trying to figure out how to power my RP150 while in a car. I'm not concerned about sound quality, it's just for messing around. But I'm confused on the AC/DC thing in respect to how i'd plug my 9vAC adapter into a car.

What kind of adapter would i need? And would it be very expensive? Thanks in advance!
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There are adapters they sell at radio shack that take the cigarrette lighter and make it so you can plug a normal plug thingie (excuse my terminology) into it. Thus powering your rp150. Something like this i think


Though you may be able to find a 9v adapter for the car. Just check out the website and google around
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if you do figure this out, remember that if you're letting your car idle, dont let it get overheated.

i dont think a diesel has this problem, but running a gas engine so you can power that RP and the stereo might cause problems with overheating
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Thank you all very much . I've been googling around but for some reason radioshack.com seems to keep crapping out on me.. However i did get a good look at some stuff. Radioshack is selling a $20 120vAC converter which is (according to the digitech website) what i would actually need. Thanks for the pointer in the right direction and @conor thanks for the warning.
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