hi all,
i have used the search on UG forums however only found a few casing similar to this will little discussion.

I have an old suzuki 12 strings and the bridge has started to lift. I didnt really notice it until a few weeks ago. When i noticed it I removed the strings asap.

Some people have said to simply re glue it - a very wise option however when i try to put a little pressure on the bridge to push it back in place... it wont budge. So i fear that if i push it then clamp it... it may crack the body?

Observe the pics.

any advice or help is much appreciated
Is the guitar worth the money it wou ld cost for a pro to fix it? If it is, and you care about it, definitely take it to a pro. If not.... then have at it and try to make it a learning experience.

@David- Why does that happen? This may be a dumb question, but it just seems like, counter-intuitive that it would pull of in that direction.

EDIT: lol, nevermind, its pulling up the opposite direction of what I thought XD
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ok thanks i just went out then and purchased a replacement bridge for $20 AU. the dude at the store said the same thing as David Collins above. He said that removing the bridge is the hardest part as to not damage the body of the guitar. I think i will try and remove the bridge very lightly/slowly. Then when its removed shall re sand and use poly urethane to stick it back on. If it dont work after that.... i will take it to a pro. Its a good guitar... or it was when it worked.lol My dad got it back in the 70's so its old.
ok this is pretty friggin scary.... look at the picture. the insides of my guitar look as though there have been termites eating away at it

it looks like the work of slotted bridge pins + many years of tension.

i guess this should be a lesson to all acoustic guitar owners? If u have slotted bridge pins.... remove them and rotate them around 180 degrees so the strings is not sitting in the slot... or better yet, simply buy new bridge pins without slots?
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